Dieke Bikker

Dieke Bikker (Netherlands)
Women’s work facilitator, space-holder, healer

In my work with both men & women ‘embodiment’ is an important focus for me. Can you truly meet, feel and live what wants to be felt through the body? Specifically for women it is time to step into our authentic power.

In my work with both men & women ‘embodiment’ is an important focus for me. Can you truly meet, feel and live what wants to be felt through the body?
Specifically for women it is time to step into our authentic power.

Since I was 25 the journey for coming home to my essential nature and finding my authentic inner authority, and being in my body began. Many practices, tools and methods have crossed my path, like Yoga, Thai Massage therapy, Shiatsu, meditation, counselling, energy work, advaita, shamanism & tantra, and more.

Now in my work with groups and individual sessions, all this integrates into a unique journey of Truth & Love, to serve the process of people becoming free from limiting conditionings & trauma and moving into their power. Qualities like openness, clarity, love, connection and power sprout naturally.

This year’s Deep, I will facilitate the women’s work and I will offer workshops together with my partner Ralph about intimacy. I am very excited to share this magical journey together and look forward to meet you!

Deep retreat could be described as one of the most deepest journeys one can make in a group gathering form. It will be a journey into You!

Marcel Mourik

Marcel Mourik (Netherlands)
Holistic Massage Therapist

As a caring and loving man, I have a gift to offer in this world, the gift of being present and seeing and feeling what needs to be done in this moment. After my burn out, about 12 years ago, I started a search for what made my life complete. Personal Development, Tantra an Men-work created the curiosity for all form of touch. What is being touched in me and the other, and what is being moved through the masculine & feminine.

My massage works on many levels: 
Physical, muscular and energetic. And above all, the wisdom of your body becomes available again.
When I massage you, you anchor into yourself, melt away from the delusion of everyday life. You will come to a halt.

This is what I offer to you during the beautiful DEEP retreat, hope to see you in the summer!

Sanne Burger

Sanne Burger (Netherlands)
Ancient Thai Massage, Taotraining, Qigong, coaching & healing

After 7 years living abroad (France and Peru) I am back in the Netherlands. I am thrilled to be part of the DEEP team, for the first time this year!

For me, touch and movement are the main keys to connect to my true story, feelings and deepest desires. Everything is stored in the body, waiting to be met, embraced, understood and expressed. Unraveling the mysteries around my origin, my soul and my body has always been the main purpose of my life. Through extended study, travel and practice, I’m slowly slowly lifting the veils and helping others to do the same.

Ancient Thai Massage is a powerful tool where you can dive deep into the wisdom of your body, and move through whatever might hold you back. I offer a safe space in which you can fully relax and surrender, while at the same time I support you in strengthening your personal power and authority.

Looking forward to see you at DEEP!

Sanne Burger

Dana Devi (Netherlands)
Musician and Yoga Teacher

I was born into a family of yogi’s, and from a young age, I was fascinated with the music and sounds that came from India and colored my upbringing in an ashram. It was the start of my journey into devotional music.

Over the years music became my meditation; music to calm the mind, to comfort the heart and honor the divine that shines in every being. Music and chanting are such powerful ways to connect with myself, the divine and with others.

Another important part of my life is my yoga practice in the tradition of Swami Sivananda, which is very close to my heart. Every class feels like a prayer and always includes mantra, pranayama, and asana practice.

What brings me true joy when I play music or teach yoga is when I see people relax deeply and find peace within. To me music and yoga are practices of the heart, they are all about devotion and merging with our true self, and that is love, happiness and peace.

Music, yoga and silence have been my biggest healers in this life and I look so forward to sharing them at the DEEP Festival this summer.

Ralph Nelissen

Ralph Nelissen (Netherlands)
Founder Potential School – Path of the Man

I love this amazing proces called life because am here to do what I want to do, and that’s also the reasen why I choose to be at DEEP Retreat this summer. I want to go deep and meet myself (and you) on every layer.

After being stuck in a regular working life I started my investigation for honesty, connection and Being real. The road where I take care of myself and love all parts of me that I am.

Plantmedicines brought me to beautifull places inside of me and I am still learning how to grow deeper into the earth, in connection with my roots – in maturity.

In my Company ‘The Potential School’, I work with men (Pad van de man) who are seeking for a deeper connection with their own heart & balls.
Together with my love Dieke, we offer depth for women/men. (Pad van liefde)

For me life is all about Freedom & Connection = Authenticity. 
Let’s go deep and meet ourselves in the power of the heart, let’s go for it.

See you there.

Marije van der Nat

Marije van der Nat( Netherlands)
Shamanic healer, Singer, Transformational coaching, Constellation work

An intense burnout in my early 20’s lead me towards a healing path. I picked up several healing modalities (Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Quantum Touch, Kundalini Healing a.o.) and practiced those for over 10 years. The last couple of years the shaman in me grew to the forefront, letting go of existing theories and structures, and tapping into the field of All That Is. This allows me to ‘see’ into multiple dimensions or layers of existence and work with what shows up (t)here, in whichever way is needed.

In private sessions we go on a healing (feeling) journey together. I travel with you as a guide, providing a safe and loving bedding in which you can explore your inner realms, even the ones that you don’t dare enter easily. 
I add constellation work to the sessions as well, making the unseen visible, tangible, feelable. 
With my voice I channel light language and healing songs and sounds, all created in the moment.

I love to assist you to move through whatever is holding you back, to dive deep and bring back treasures.

This will be my 3rd DEEP Retreat as a healer and I’m looking forward with great joy. 
See you at DEEP!

Elko Manderveld

Eelko Manderveld (The Netherlands/Sweden)
Passionate for people, planet, true health and happiness. Founder of Yin-Shiatsu. Vortex Healer and Biophoton therapist

My love for people and this beautiful planet earth made me realise that spreading love, light and healing is the only reasonable thing to do to in my lifetime. I have worked with shiatsu and massage for over 20 years and have founded a beautiful new shiatsu style called Yin-Shiatsu combining acupressure with gentle movement. I also work with (Vortex) Healing and Biophoton therapy, which is very effective in treating chronic infections and inflammations, neutralising deep disturbances on a cellular level caused by e.g. vaccinations, medication, viruses and bacterias.

At DEEP I will offer Yin-Shiatsu and Biophoton session which I combine with energy healing for deeper integration.

Looking forward to meet all of you this summer. With love and light.


Roshani (France)
Founder of MU TERRE Society for Healing Therapy and Meditation

Since 30 years I have been seeking – by my own experience of sickness – for alternative therapies, Quantum Medicine and meditation since in France, India and Japan. After being an Interior Architect during 20 years, taking care of the outside home of the people, I understood the importance of taking care of the inside, to resolve the emotional blockage of the past and find unity in all our dimensions.

Next to being a Reiki Master, I am a practitioner and teacher of Colour Light Therapy and a professional practitioner and Basic teacher of Ito Thermie.

At DEEP I offer all these above. Session for healing physical and emotional trauma, past life blockage, energy disorders, pain and stress, for purifying the body, soul and mind, and allowing to be in the space of “Natuskashi” : “Coming back home”. Home to your original face, becoming one with all.

I will be happy to meet you in August in France!


Petro Van de Pas (Netherlands)
Ecstatic Dance Facilitator